Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is your painting technique and how do you get such realism in your paintings?

Have a good reference!  As an Aircraft Mechanic for nearly 20 years, much of the detail is familiar to me.  Great care is taken to ensure the detail is accurate.  Aircraft come in many different models and configurations.  Finding the right combination for the setting is the key.

2)  Do you sell originals?

Unfortunately I do not.  Many of my originals never make it to publishing.  I look back on them often to monitor my progress and to learn and gain inspiration from them.  Some of my originals stay in an unfinished state for months or years until it hits me what it is they need to look good.  Some originals get transferred to the computer using a fine art scanback service then they get final paint with a digital drawing drawing tablet and Corel Painter.  After this process the original can vary greatly from the final print.

3) Will you ever post some tutorials or perhaps a book?

Tough question...I once asked famed Star Wars poster artist Drew Struzan about a technique he had used on a painting.  His reply was rather eye opening.  Basically he does not limit himself  to one technique.  If you have to ball up a paper towel, dip it in Windex and dab it on the canvas then so be it.  Whatever you need to do to to achieve a particular effect.  Experimenting never hurts...unless your on a deadline :)  I would however consider publishing some of my favorite techniques in the future.

4)Do you accept commissions?

I have, in the past, accepted commissions.  Mostly portrait work and such.  Really depends on my time and the project.

Got a question?  Email me and I'll answer as quick as I can.  -Coz